The most important things to understand when developing ABAP on a SAP HANA based system is, that SAP HANA is more than just a database system. Beyond just storing and retrieving data, the SAP HANA can perform many complex operations on the data being retrieved itself.
Abap for HANA Is very Hot skill today in SAP industry ,it is really fastest growing skill and need for all SAP project
  • Basic knowledge of ABAP/ OPEN SQL
  • knowledge of one or more SAP solutions

  • Duration – 20 days [ daily 1 hour]
  • Weekend – 4 [ 2 hours per session]
  • Fees – 5000/INR
  • Syllabus

    1. Introduction Sap ABAP HANA
    2. HANA Studio
    3. HANA Architecture
    4. Introduction to development Environment
    5. Access to SAP HANA Views in ABAP
    6. Access HANA using Native SQL and ADBC
    7. Call Database procedure into ABAP PROGRAM